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Primal Creative Process

A holistic set of tools, a system of ley-lines to help you work through blocks, challenges and fear, and support you to feel inspired, free and joyful in your creative process.

Stir up your inspiration, clarify for your intention, make a solid preparation plan, explore how you want to feel as you create/perform/offer, feel grounded in follow through tasks, and know what helps you rest and integrate for real.

This course is a prayer, to support you in what you are creating. Because we need you, we need your creations. Our world needs us to be fully ourselves, fully embodied, fully creating, fully alive. We spiral in cycles of creation and destruction, life and death and life. These forces are intertwined, holding each other in a never-ending embrace. We stand strong, in all of the archetypes of being. As you actualize your deepest expressions you will feel more connected. Do not be afraid. You are never alone. Look at the moon. Feel the earth. Listen to all the benevolent ancestors whispering. Notice how you feel in your body. Your heart has neurons in it; it is one of your brains. Go slowly enough to listen to what your heart is telling you.

Follow your heart and you will not go astray.