MODUS: Creativity X Healing

Guided Online Course

Modus, lit. way in which anything is done; fashion, form, habit, practice, process.
Healing the creative process, because creativity flourishes in whole systems, because creativity is a an element, because creating is an expression of love.

Creating as a way of honoring life, honoring the place where ideas come from, where life comes from. The creative process is a force of nature that is part of life. Your wellness and freedom is connected to your creativity process. We miss out on so much beauty and innovation in the world when people get stuck in their process.

5-Part Creative Process

πŸŒ‘ Intention

πŸŒ“ Preparation

πŸŒ• Action

πŸŒ— Follow Through

πŸŒ‘ Integration

A holistic set of tools, a system of ley-lines to help you work through blocks, challenges and fear, and support you to feel inspired, free and joyful in your creative process.

Stir up your inspiration, clarify for your intention, make a solid preparation plan, explore how you want to feel as you create/perform/offer, feel grounded in follow through tasks, and know what helps you rest and integrate for real.

This course is a prayer, to support you in what you are creating. Because we need you, we need your creations. Our world needs us to be fully ourselves, fully embodied, fully creating, fully alive.

We spiral in cycles of creation and destruction, life and death and life. These forces are intertwined, holding each other in a never-ending embrace. We stand strong, in all of the archetypes of being. As you actualize your deepest expressions you will feel more connected.

I had 20+ years of analysis/therapy and use it all the time but no one has ever put together the 5 phases so succinctly and effectively, and connection to birth/babyhood. This was just great, I am really excited about using the process!
— CC, Graphic Designer & Painter

You do not need to get stuck or frustrated or feel alone or wonder if there's a point or if you're good enough, your creative process is your healing process and your healing process is your creative process.

Are you passionate about a project, an art vision or a new habit? Do you find you don’t quite have the motivation or stamina to get it going, or you are halfway through and lose steam? Maybe you’re almost done but can’t seem to do those last few steps to complete it. The Modus: Creativity X Healing course helps artists, business owners, organization founders, gardeners, healing arts practitioners, and anyone who knows they are here for a reason and are committed to their work/love in this broken beautiful world. This workshop is for anyone who wants to heal their creative process, who wants to be more generative with less difficulty. You will learn real skills to support all of the stages of working through a the 5-part creative process.


I loved the process, and the space given for both personal reflection.
— SA, Small Business Owner
I liked the gentleness and encouragement being held and creating the space for that.
— LB, Fiber Artist
I loved the well integrated meta teaching, modeling the process while working the process.
— KB, Urban Farmer & Educator
The class material was awesome, I like the integration of psychological and spiritual stuff.
— DK, Painter