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Creativity X Healing


Creativity X Healing

Prenatal Birth & Attachment Therapy

Sessions for adults & babies.

Offered in Berkeley, California at the Prenatal Birth & Attachment Clinic that I co-founded, group retreats, and online sessions


Moon Tools Creativity Empowerment

The Primal Sequence Creative Process for supporting creativity in all forms.

Workbook, Workshops, Online Classes, Retreats & Private Sessions.

Web Design

Receive support to be seen & offer your work in the world.

A collaborative creative process, includes all aspects of creation and implementation, as well as personal process support, narrative coaching and business mapping.


Birthing Beyond
the Binary

Centering Queer & Trans* Birth Experiences

Online childbirth education, webinars for care providers & full-spectrum doula care for Queer & Trans* People.

Water of Life Essences

Mayyim Hayyim מימ חיימ

Remedies made of flower and gem essences; and mountain spring water infused with frequency specific microcurrents.



Collective of Ritual Leaders

Kehunah is a collective of people who have received ordination as a Kohenet (Hebrew Priestess) and who are committed to work that dismantles oppression in all its forms and uplifts collective liberation.


Elsa Asher

Elsa Asher

elsa asher

I am a Narrative Medicine educator, workshop facilitator, somatic practitioner, full-spectrum doula, storytelling artist, ritual leader, and web designer. 

I hold a Masters of Science degree in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University, I am an ordained ritual leader in the Hebrew tradition, a Certified DONA Doula, and a graduate of the Pre and Perinatal Psychology 700-Hour Practitioner Training.

I am the co-founder of Moon Tools, co-creator of Water of Life Essences, founding member of Kehunah, co-founder and facilitator of Birthing Beyond the Binary, and co-founder, practitioner and clinic coordinator at Prenatal Birth & Attachment Clinic.

I was born on occupied Duwamish land in Seattle and I live in Northern California and Southern Oregon. 

When I was ordained I received the name Listener at the Gates / Ma'azinah haSha'ar. I am here to witness transition and transformation experiences, to listen to your stories, to help you tell the stories you want to share, and to support your healing and creative process. 

Connect  -  210.413.5029

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